Dyatlov Pass skii expedition


  • JANUARY 28 - FEBRUARY 5 OF 2020
  • FEBRUARY 29 - MARCH 8 OF 2020

PRICE 2 000$

We invite you to a skiing expedition to the most mysterious place in the Northern Urals, to the rarely traveled Dyatlov Pass.

We will traverse the toughest regions of the taiga, large altitude changes and inclement weather with the help of our experienced guides. They know this region in and out, and with their help, you will be able to tame the Siberian cold.

We will leave civilization completely behind, cook over an open fire, spend our nights in tents and travel with rucksacks. Physical fitness and prior skiing experience are essential.

Dyatlov pass is located in the region of the Central Ural Ridge and is home to one of the ethnic minorities of Siberia – the Mansi people. You will inevitably fall in love with the enchanted landscape of their homeland, the Ural mountains. Enrich your travel experience with this vivid adventure.

See you there!

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You will fly to Yekaterinburg.

Day 1: We will buy train tickets in Yekaterinburg’s railway station and take 8 hours to ride to the remote village of Ivdel, populated by indigenous people. You will experience Siberian real train ride (7) hours long through picturesque landscapes of taiga wilderness, make many friends, meet your group guide and other participants.

Day 2: 6 hours long transfer to village Ushma. Will test gear and ski short distance (7km) to our first winter tent camp. Welcome to the beautiful arctic paradise!

Day 3: Skiing distance 20 km through breathtaking snow-covered taiga forest and across the frozen river of Auspia. Will set up a winter camp here.

Day 4: 20 km of skiing to the foot of Dyatlov pass along the frozen riverbed of Auspia. Set up a winter camp near to majestic snow forest.

Day 5: 35 km to reach the top of legendary Dyatlov pass and come back to our camp. Will make a lot of memorable pictures.

Day 6: Skiing back to the village. Another blissful day of being surrounded by the outstanding beauty of Nordic nature. The distance is 25 km.

Day 7: Skiing last 25 km to Ushma village. Last opportunity to snow camp under starry arctic skies.

Day 8: Transfer back to Yekaterinburg via train.

Day 9: Goodbye day! Congratulation!You touched the Legend! 

Price includes:

  • Tons of fun
  • Visa support
  • Transfer to/from village of Ivdel
  • Interpreter
  • Guide
  • Group gear (tent, cooking stove, med, etc)
  • Food for a program period

Price not includes:

  • Russian visa
  • Air fare expenses
  • Train tickets .roundtrip 40$
  • Insurance
  • Any personal expenses
  • Personal clothes gear

Gear/Clothes list for Dyatlov skiing expedition:

  1. Backpack 90 L ( we rent out)
  2. Skies and ski poles ( we rent out)
  3.  Sleeping bag (-20 C) (we rent out) 
  4. Sleeping pad (we rent out)
  5. Water bottle
  6. Thermos 
  7. Bowl. Mug. Fork/spoon/knife
  8. Microfiber towel
  9. Googles or sunglasses
  10. Headlamp + set of batteries
  11. Waterproof bag for your clothes 2pc
  12. Trail seat cushion
  13. Isunscreen for lips! 50+
  14. Powerbank
  15. Sunscreen 50+
  16. Individual medicine
  17. Parka/Jacket/ Pants. Snowboad/ Skiinig/ Insulated/Down. Waterproof. Gor-tex
  18. Polartec fleece Pants/ ZippHoddie
  19. Base layer ( light grade andmedium grade) Leggings/ Top
  20. Balaclava
  21. Wool buff
  22. Hat. Waterproof. Insulated
  23. Gloves. Layers
  24. Gloves middle layer. Insulated
  25. Down mittens
  26. Wool socks.for camping.1 pair
  27. Trekking socks. 3 pair
  28. Synthetic underwear
  29. Long sleeve top. 3 pc
  30. Insulated winter trekking boots with PROTECTED! ankle
  31. Gaiters

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We will liaise with you in depth regarding the expedition you have joined upon receipt of your booking form.

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