Manpupuner ski expedition


  • March 4 - 13 of 2020
  • March 16 - 25 of 2020

PRICE 2 100$

Reaching the Man-Pupu-Ner plateau is a very difficult task, even in the summer, due to the rough and wild terrain. Our experienced local guides are offering us a rare winter skiing expedition to the natural rock formations of this site, one of the “Seven Wonders of Russia.” The local Mansi people consider the stone idols to be sacred, and once you see them, you will understand why. The seven 40 meter tall idols, standing in a row atop a mountain, seem bizarre, eccentric and astonishing. A successful ascent will leave you dumbfounded at what you have witnessed.

We will spend the night with these idols, in the famous electromagnetic field of the Urals, observing the beautiful winter landscape after skiing 65 miles over nine days through the Ural Natural Biosphere Reserve. We will witness arctic dawns and dusks, cook over open fires in the company of other wild adventurers, and develop our skills as travelers.

See you there!


This expedition requires a high level of physical fitness, skiing experience, and grit.

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Day 1: We will buy train tickets in Yekaterinburg’s railway station and take 8 hours ride to the remote village of Ivdel, populated by indigenous people. You will experience Siberian real train ride (7) hours long through picturesque landscapes of taiga wilderness, make many friends, meet your group guide and other participants.

Day 2: 4 hours long bus ride into deep taiga forest. Set up our first snow camp here, will make a wood fire to cook our dinner.

Day 3: Will ski 15 km along the Luculya river bed surrounded by snow-covered winter forest and hilly terrain. Will set a snow camp and cook.

Day 4: Will ski 15 km towards the Main Ural ridge along hunting trails, cross several frozen swamps and rivers. Setting up our camp by the Yanissos river.

Day 5: Will ski 15 km across the top of the Main Ural ridge and set a camp in a wilderness of nature reserve.

Day 6: Will ski 5 km to reach our destination – Manpupuner plateau. There we will see the seven standing stones, standing proudly in the winter snow. Their majestic bearing will mesmerize you.

Here we will learn the history of that “Wonder of Russia” make photos of stone pillars and breathtaking surrounding panoramic landscapes. Will set our camp on a top of the sacred mountain.

Day 7: Will ski 15 km back to our starting point of Ivdel village across Main Ural ridge, through taiga wilderness, cross several rivers and set up snow camp.

Day 8: Will ski 15 km back to our starting point of Ivdel village and spend the night at the comfortable camp.

Day 9: Transfer by bus back to the village of Ivdel and will take a train back to Yekaterinburg.

Day 10: Your fly back home day! Goodbye beautiful Ural! It was an amazing experience!

Price includes:

  • Tons of fun
  • Visa support
  • Transfer to/from the village of Ivdel
  • Interpreter
  • Guide
  • Group gear( tent, cooking stove, med, etc)
  • Food for a program period

Price not includes:

  • Russian visa
  • Airfare expenses
  • Train tickets. Roundtrip 40$
  • Insurance
  • Any personal expenses
  • Personal clothes gear

Gear/Clothes list for MANPUPUNER PLATEAU skiing expedition:

  1. Backpack 90 L ( we rent out).
  2. Skies and ski poles ( we rent out).
  3. Sleeping bag ( -20 C) (we rent out).
  4. Sleeping pad (we rent out).
  5. Water bottle.
  6. Thermos.
  7. Bowl. Mug. Fork/spoon/knife.
  8. Microfiber towel.
  9. Googles or sunglasses.
  10. Headlamp + set of batteries.
  11. Waterproof bag for your clothes 2pc.
  12. Trail seat cushion.
  13. Sunscreen for lips! 50+.
  14. Powerbank.
  15. Sunscreen 50+.
  16. Individual medicine.
  17. Parka/Jacket/ Pants. Snowboard/ Skiing/ Insulated/Down. Waterproof. Gor-tex.
  18. Polartec fleece Pants/ ZippHoddie.
  19. Base layer ( light grade and medium grade) Leggings/ Top.
  20. Balaclava.
  21. Wool buff.
  22. Hat. Waterproof. Insulated.
  23. Gloves. Layers.
  24. Gloves middle layer. Insulated.
  25. Down mittens.
  26. Wool socks.for camping.1 pair.
  27. Trekking socks. 3 pair.
  28. Synthetic underwear.
  29. Long-sleeve top. 3 pc.
  30. Insulated winter trekking boots with PROTECTED! ankle.
  31. Gaiters.

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