Bicycling expedition

Join our winter bicycling expedition as we cross 200 km of ice over Lake Baikal.



Visit the majestic island of Olkhon, its Buddhist shrines, and monuments to nature’s power. Fabulous ice grottoes, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and real Siberian cuisine. Ride, cook, and camp on the transparent ice as you stare in wonder at the boundless winter landscape of Siberia. Use this trip as well for the opportunity of dense interaction with indigenous people, their culture and traditions! We are all one family!

If biking does not suit you, then worry not. We also offer a multiday skating expedition. Each day we will cross 30 km, close to the ice and nature, and spend our nights staring at the starry sky.

We also offer an opportunity of arctic winter diving and ice fishing. Paid separately.

The sights that Lake Baikal offers are truly one of a kind. We invite you to see them for yourselves.

See you there!

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You will fly to the city of Irkutsk:

Day 1: From Irkutsk to Hudgir village ( Olkhon island). We pick you up at the airport/ hotel in Irkutsk. Transfer to the remote village of Hudgir. 7 hours ride on the scenic ice pass. Lecture on history, culture, tradition and shamanic practice of ingenious Siberian people. Lunch in an authentic restaurant with exotic local cuisine. Will trek to sacred shaman’s hill, with a picturesque view. Night on comfortable recreation camp.

Day 2: From the village of Hudgir to Ogoy island). Will test ride our fat bicycles to Buddist shrine, explore ice grottoes and rocky shores of Sacred sea, covered with blue ice. Riding distance is 60 km. Night on a comfortable recreation camp.

Day 3: From the village of Hudgir to Uzurii gorge. Riding distance is 60 km via ice grottoes, icy beaches, and rocky capes. Will cross frozen Strait of Sacred Sea and camp on icy shore of Big Baikal lake.

Day 4: From Uzurii gorge to Cape Uhan. Riding distance is 50 km through uninhabited polar ice desert surrounded by snow-covered mountains. It is quite stunning! Will set a camp on transparent ice under the starry polar sky.

Day 5: From Cape Uhan to Cape Mare’s Head. Riding distance is 50 km. Will cross frozen Baikal Strait and get to Baikal island’s steppe zone. Will camp on the ice by picturesque Cape Mare’s Head.

Day 6: From Cape Mare’s Head back to Hudgir village. Will ride 45 km along the south shore of Olkhon island, on the Siberian Federal Ice Road Truckers, past Ogoy island to our comfortable camp in Hudgir, where dinner and true Siberian banya awaits us!!

Day 7: From Hudgir village to Irkutsk. Transfer by bus is 7 hours long. It is never goodbye, but see you soon, lovely Baikal! 

Price includes:

  • Tons of Fun
  • Visa support
  • Interpreter
  • Guide
  • All transfers to/from Irkutsk/Hudgir
  • Food (excluded several days)
  • Accommodation for a trip period only
  • Group base medical supplies
  • Bicycle

Price not includes:

  • Air ticket fees
  • Visa to Russia
  • Any personal expenses
  • Insurance
  • Any extra nights accommodation in case of the bad weather (30$)
  • Restaurant and Camp lunch/dinner (5 in total. 10$ each)
  • Russian banya on day 6.( optional) 10$/pp

Gear/Clothes list for Baikal bicycling expedition:

  1. Backpack 60 L
  2. Bag pannier. 20 L(2)
  3. Sleeping bag (-20 C)
  4. Sleeping pad
  5. Water bottle
  6. Thermos 
  7. Bowl. Mug. Fork/spoon/knife
  8. Microfiber towel
  9. Googles or sunglasses
  10. Headlamp + set of batteries
  11. Waterproof bag for your clothes 2pc
  12. Trail seat cushion
  13. Ice walkers
  14. Powerbank
  15. Sunscreen 50+
  16. Individual medicine
  17. Parka/Jacket/ Pants. Snowboard/ Skiing/ Insulated/Down. Waterproof. Gor-tex
  18. Polartec fleece Pants/ ZippHoddie
  19. Base layer ( light grade and medium grade) Leggings/ Top
  20. Balaclava
  21. Wool buff
  22. Hat. Waterproof. Insulated
  23. Gloves. Layers
  24. Gloves middle layer. Insulated
  25. Down mittens
  26. Wool socks.for camping. 1 pair
  27. Trekking socks. 2 pair
  28. Synthetic underwear
  29. Long-sleeve top. 1 pc.
  30. Insulated winter trekking boots with PROTECTED! ankle
  31. Helmet

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A credit card convenience fee of 3 % will be added .

We will liaise with you in depth regarding the expedition you have joined upon receipt of your booking form.

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