About us

Our company provides a rare opportunity to experience winter mountaineering and diverse extraordinary adventures. We will help you summit the most popular, desirable and technically challenging mountains in Russia, such as Kazbek and Elbrus.

We teach beginners the fundamentals of mountaineering and provide advance mountaineering training for experienced climbers in various locations in Russia.

Our expeditions are unique, fun and memorable, thanks to our experienced instructors, guides and you, our clients.

Winter mountaineering, climbing snow-covered mountain peaks on a harsh winter month. Is it even possible?

Traversing tens of kilometers a day, barely lifting your feet from the ankle-deep snow. Hanging on for dear life while climbing up an iced-over mountain, with nothing but a rope and an ice ax to keep you from slipping. 

Soaking in a wild hot spring under he falling snow after surviving a blizzard, staring at the starry skies to celebrate your victory over fear, pain and yourself. All with a cup of hot tea in your hand. 

Talk about adrenaline.

Winter mountaineering is a fresh take on an already extreme sport, now available to you with support from our experienced guides. We invite all of you who are brave to challenge the winter climate and yourself. To ascend the mountains Kazbek, Elbrus and Vudyavrchorr of the Khibiny range. These routes are excellent training grounds for beginner and intermediate climbers to learn and practice their basic high-altitude mountaineering skills. Our guides will help you transform into a successful climber with our high-altitude acclimation and winter climbing courses, which are included in each of our climbing expeditions for this winter of 2020. For a single payment, you will get in-depth training and a guided ascension to the summit of your choice. Our snow, ice and rock terrain training course, and altitude adjustment courses will cover all the skills necessary for a safe and enjoyable climb.

Our prices are designed to popularize various extreme winter sports activities, and to be affordable to adventurers and enthusiasts willing to travel abroad. They directly correspond to the experience and qualifications of our awesome guides, level of service and logistics, quality of our training courses; and the constant presence of me, your personal interpreter, assistant and guide to Russia.

This is what makes us different. Not only do we find you the best mountaineering guides and trainers, but my personal presence during the journey will provide you with an interpreter, a guide to Russia, a personal assistant and a comrade in a foreign country. My experience with these contrasting cultures will help you enjoy a safe, enjoyable adventure, unhindered by culture shock, the language barrier, or other uncomfortable experiences