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About me

Hello to all of you, my fellow mountaineers and outdoor lovers. I am Larisa Lacoeva, and I will be your assistant in the journeys and adventures across the mountains Elbrus, Kazbeg, the volcanoes of Kamchatka, and many others. I am a world traveler, who fell in love with extreme sports a long time ago. Now I explore the world by bike, trekking across and climbing over mountain ranges, rope jumping, skydiving, and many other such activities. I met many professional and experienced guides and instructors, all of whom have at least 20 years of experience in their respective fields. They helped me enjoy all of my journeys to the fullest, and these experiences have changed my life for the better.

About Us

Our company provides a rare opportunity to experience winter mountaineering and diverse extraordinary adventures. We will help you summit the most popular, desirable and technically challenging mountains in Russia, such as Kazbek and Elbrus.

We teach beginners the fundamentals of mountaineering and provide advance
mountaineering training for experienced climbers in various locations in Russia.

Our expeditions are unique, fun and memorable, thanks to our experienced instructors,
guides and you, our clients.


Mt. Elbrus Russia

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$ 3000

Mt. Kazbeg Russia

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$ 2500

Mt. Vudyavrchorr Russia

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$ 2000
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